Sunday, May 6, 2007

A exhaled sigh of relief

I know it's been awhile since my last blog... I'm horrible at doing things consistently.


So, since my last blog time, I must say things are looking up.  In the past few days PTC has gained like 7 new clients that start tomorrow... so needless to say the number of employed hours has increased, so we got the go-ahead to hire somebody else on without worrying about my availability.  Which is good... I know Julie felt awkward having to ask, and I can't fault her for asking.  Really, I have it VERY good there.  It also helped that Rain sent me a nice email saying that I'm "OK'd" there and I should never have anything to worry about... seriously.  I feel guilty.  I feel like that lazy cousin that the family has to get together and support because he's too bone idle to get a job or something.


Things are looking really good at PTC.  We got new computers, I got the go-ahead for the upgrades to the existing ones.  John at ACO gave me a really good deal on RAM.  So good that I was able to get an extra one and still be less than what I told Tony.


So putting together the new computers we got made me realize 2 things for Monday:


  1. Vista is pretty neat, and I'm getting myself a copy (especially since I'll have to show others how to use it, so I should know how to use it myself)
  2. They only had Office 2007 installed - so all the thoughts of me putting together a tutorial package on it have been stepped up from "maybe" to "has to be done for Monday" status.

I spent almost all of Sunday just doing a walkthrough of Word.  And I still haven't finished!  I'm about half the way through Word, and it's jsut the basic stuff.  Haven't even touched images, text boxes, columns, tables, etc... and those are the harder stuff.  So I wouldn't even hazard to guess I'm half way done.  At least the stuff I have done will be enough for one day, so I can spend Monday night working on hopefully enough to keep them busy for Tuesday, etc...  argh.

Other than that, things are good.  Realization about this whole house thing is settling in and the tightening of the belt is starting to happen.  But that was an inevitability.  Just gotta stop going out to shags and whatnot.

Sent in my fine on Saturday saying that I would contest the charge in court.  So apparently I'm going ot Traffic Court!  Wish me luck.  The lady said that after I sent in the form that in 3-4 weeks they'd send me when my date in court would be.  Which is most likely 2-3 weeks after that... so I think I have a lot of time before I meet this thing head on.  I hope I don't forget anything.

Well that's pretty much all I had to say... l8r all!

oh, go check out my Fable Pics... I found out how to get the Pimp Hat, goes perfect with the Bordello he owns now!

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