Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Biking while wet...

Okay, I know I'm beginnnig to sound like a broken record, but it has been a while since I've been on.  Not much to report I guess...

Lately I've been trying to bike to work alot, and it's been GREAT.  I used the car only 2x last week.  It's been cool saving all that money in gas.  Plus I've lost 5lbs already (but I tend to find them on the weekend).  So I've bought a couple of new biking outfits... well sort of workout pants and shirts so that I just don't sweat up regular clothes.

Today was the first day there was going to be some rain.  (Well yesterday there was as well, but I drove because I had to do some errands after work).  Anyways, I biked this morning and it was damp, but not raining.  5min into the bike and it was RAINING .  Not heavily, just constant enough that I was wet.  By the time I went home it was good.  I hope I can really keep this up... lose anotehr few pounds.  I'd like to get down to 200 or lower.

Work... well PTC is gettign 'fun'.  Doing alot of tutorial stuff for Office 2007.  Finished Word today.  So that's about 1/4 done.  Bought a good book for it, but it doesn't look ilke I"ll be reimbursed for it... grr.  But I do like the new Vista.  If this download ever finishes I can try it out on my computer.

What also is geting fun is how busy we're getting.  As of Monday we'll be at 42 people.  Yikes!  Juggling the right number of computers is always fun.

The not-so fun part is when 2 of the morning guys can ruin your whole day.  They're brutal.  One has needed a day or 2 off book work (or so he says) so I let him on the computer... yesterday I caught him on game sites, and today the internet was down so he didn't want to be on anymore.  When I tried to get him to do some work he just gives me rude remakrs back.  Then he complains to he CM that "the teacher's are hovering".  GRR...

How's the house shopping coming?  Well it's coming.  We've decided that we need to do a lot of debt reduction and saving for a down payment.  When we went to the bank I had a number in mind... they said a number that was higher.  A few days later they get us an official number which is somewhere in the middle.  Which is good... but they had stipulations.  Which kidna gave me some angst.  So we're just going to go and have plan our finances a little better for the next few months.  Wish us luck.

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