Monday, May 28, 2007

piping gigs are awesome

So, yah... did I hit the jackpot when it comes to hobbies.  I guess it comes from the fact that I've excelled in the hobby to the point I can get good gigs... but who's counting?


Rory emailed me to do this Air Cadet annual dinner... usually I charge about $100 for these gigs, but Rory told them $50, so I split teh difference for $75.


So what did I do to earn this $75?  Well I get suited up, drive over early, practice a bit, run over the logistics, then play for about 5minutes.  Then I get a free dinner (I'll get to that later).  Then do some practicing and  then the exactly same piping (5min) but in reverse to get them out.


So really I did about 10min in total of piping, 10min of practicing and i get CASH and a free meal!  Sweet.


Now the dinner was pretty funny... I didn't know any of these cadet kids at all.  So after some idle chit chat, it was getting a little awkward.  Until somebody tried to shake the coffee creamer thimble.  They said they were going to try to make butter.  Beign a "chemicist" I had to point out that this isn't possible.  I told this (highschool age) girl that we used to do this as a test to see how long somebody might do this ... sort of a stupidity test.  Which she then proceeded to tell the younger kids that it could happen.  This one young girl shook the creamer for about a full hour.  Never stopped!  Just kept asking me "how long has it been now?"  One of the older girls even went so far as to put real butter into a coffee creamer as evidence that another table had already done it!  Pretty funny!


Ah, well... to be young and dumb.  Not for this guy anymore.


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  1. You are such a dream crusher you know.  Mr. Science-know-it-all. Hee hee