Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New respect for Rory

Okay, so I haven't been on here in a while.  Reason being:  Rory's a daddy! 

Congratulations Rory & Rain on your little baby girl!

Now they just have to name the little cutie.


So, yeah.  Sunday Mandy & I went to Boulevard for her "walk for leukemia".  Which was fun.  We went with Shawna and Ryan and Shaun.  Shaun was pretty fun, watching him playing with all the free toys he got.

[We also got a bunch of free stuff too]


On the way back I figured I'd give Ror a shout about what he wanted me to teach on Monday.  Didn't reach him on the house line... or the cell phone... hmm...

Turns out Rain went into labour around midnight on Saturday [which is good, otherwise they would have induced her on Monday].  It was a harrowing moment for them (actually like 25hours worth of moments).  But the little girl is in the world.


...And I've got Rory's job this week.  Man, he's got some brutal kids.  Not just some, but ALL.  Imagine the worst kids you could deal with.  Now do that for a full class, and then do that for 3 periods a day!  Brutal... fun... but it's really draining.


So here I am, going on the 4th day of covering, and I'm still making stuff up for  him... I'm brutal at History.  Making it up as I go along.  Which is ok, Rory's been really 'phased' this past week, so I don't mind stepping up.


Thursday's a shortened day I think... and then Friday I'm gonna let them do their projects.  Should be good.  Apparently we have a movie to watch... just haven't pre-watched it yet... *irk*  So i should find something as a backup... hrmm... maybe some knockout gas!  :)


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