Friday, June 15, 2007

Tony's visit

So we got a visitor this past week at PTC.  "Big Cheese" I call him.  So the whole idea of "WHAT ARE WE DOIGN WITH THE OFFICE"? is being settled.  At first I was a little put off by his saying that the office looked like crap... but then you really look at it and... yup, it looked like crap.  Everything we've done int he past 6 months has been band-aid fixing.


So we've gone over the plans for the renovations.  At first I couldn't see the plans finalized... i guess i have that sort of vision problem.  LIke when we look at a house that's unfinished, i can't envision what it would look like finished.  Anyways, so after some sketching and mre talking I think I see it.  It'll look pretty cool.


  • We'll have a T-room (not a tea-room) where we can store our stuff, saving space in the office
  • we're getting 2 new computers
  • separating the place into 1 office, 3 classrooms and 2 small meeting rooms
  • the walls separating are not going to be to the ceiling so i get to look into WHITE NOISE generators

just looks very interesting.

Now we used this opportunity to let people know about how we felt when they're pushing the envelope on the breaks issue.  Mary gave us the idea to put up some memos around the office saying that "official times are ..., you must put in y our 3 full hours.  Any less and it will go on your attendance reports that go to the case managers.  Breaks are allowed 1x a day, for 15 minutes."  Someting to that effect.  Man were people PISSED OFF today.  It was kinda funny.

The one guy in particular we wanted this 'pointed at' did a COMPLETE 180 turn.  He started defending us to the others.  "you know, in a job, if you work less than 4 hours you're only allowed one break!"  Hilarious!!

Oh, well...

Party this weekend here.  Play some poker, enjoy some friends.

My sister's in town to surprise my parents (ugh, 4 li'l neices and nephews).

l8r all

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