Monday, June 25, 2007

Pranking a prankster - happy bday Brandy

So, it's that time of year for Brandy... and we had celebrated her birthday already, which makes it prime time to prank her.  She wouldn't be suspecting it because we HAD the celebration already.  And, to top it off, she had a lousy day at work, so she was really distracted.


A couple of days ago, E and I had the idea to do this... and she had figured we could do something with an embarassing picture.  So some photoshopping later and I have the 4 pictures you'll see below.  I printed about 3 of each off, and then we set about trying to find a way to get Brandy out of the house.


Thanks to Deb and Brandy's love of strawberries, Deb coerced her out of the house to go pick some strawberries.  This gave E and I the time needed to go and get the zillion balloons (in her FW colours), ribbons to string about the car (in Con.College colours) and various other sundries (a pair of her own binoculars and great goggles).  We netted that car in the ribbons and then tied the pictures to the ribbons, and then tied balloons all over.  We made 2 posters that had the items taped to them.  It was quite the show.  Even Brandy's mom and sister had to come out and take a look.


When Brandy got back, she was stunned... she apparently didn't even suspect this.  Seeing as she's instigated all the other pranks thus far, it's hard to fathom that we pranked the prankster (zowie, kablooie).


Aah... it was fun.  enjoy the pics!


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