Saturday, June 30, 2007

Letting the cat out of the bag

no, i'm not talking about taking Kris' new cat, stuffing it into a bag, and then releasing it... tho' that does sound like a good idea - without the letting it out thing... I hate cats. 

Anyways, so for a while now, I've known I'm going to be a daddy.  It's a funny story.  Mandy was staying at her parent's place watching the dog.  And I'm not a big fan of going over to visit because I'm slightly allergic to Kasey.  So she called me to come over and visit.. and I said I'd get there.  She didn't believe me so at one point during the phone call she said "YOU HAVE TO COME OVER, BECAUSE I'M PREGNANT".


Man, that was a pretty fast drive over.


I get there and sure enough, there's that little line that says somebody's goign to have a life changing experience.  Being forever the chemist I had to read the instructions... over and over.  The little pamphlet said that "there could be the chance for a false negative, but only a VERY RARE chance of having a false positive".  A few websites later confirmed it.


Wow... (check the pics at the bottom).


So for the next little while it was pretty overwhelming.  You become pretty sensitive to any baby-talk for a time.  Especially as Rain has her baby... But anytime anybody said "oh, you're next" or "and when are you guys having kids?" you get super sensitive.   Geoff at my work, his gf is due, and Dawn and Stephen had Campbell, so it was driving me nuts.


We've been looking at houses lately a little more seriously... and we figured it's probably about time to tell.  Then Mandy gets sick, and she's concerned about being able to take medication, so we figure we HAVE to tell people now... just to allay our own fears, and possible get some advice where we can.


A few years back Mandy went to Churchley's when they were going out of business.  And they had a great sale on these little Precious Moment's figures that said "the good Lord always delivers" where it's a pregnant woman holding a baby names book.  Mandy said that when we want to announce, we'll just wrap that up, give it to the folks and let them figure it out.


So we give it to her parents.  Her mom opens it up and says "aww, Precious Moments, just like Barb collects" and puts it away.  We nudge her dad to say "I think you should look at it closer".  And even later, Mandy asks her mom "what did it say?"  And she couldn't answer, so I guess she didn't really look at it.  I guess these clues aren't normally given in gift form.  After much prodding her dad figures it out.


At my folks' place.  My mom opens it up, reads the label and just screams.  My dad was the one who had to take a few stabs in the dark to piece it together.


Pretty funny I thought.


Well,... t-7months...


any advice?  [i wonder how long it would take me to reach Mexico..?]


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