Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trip to Taconite

Sounds like a good pipe-tune.  If I knew how to write one, I would.


Well... what an amazing trip.  We were so well taken care of.  Taconite, you are an amazing city.  I wish every year was your 100th anniversary.


So what happened is we all decided to take off to Taconite, at about the same time, I took the new route, that went along hwy 15/16.  I think it was shorter, but there definitely needs to be more work done on the roads before it's a pleasant short cut.


Well we figured Deb would be there first so we decide to head on straight to Grand Rapids, where we're being put up for the night.  We were to look for the Rainbow Inn.  Turns out there is none... it's changed.  So that took a few to figure out... then we had to get a hold of Lefty.  That got us nowhere (as we didn't have his cellphone).  So we feel awful ... we were supposed to play at like 1 or something when they started their celebrations, and it's now like 3.

Finally we get a hold of somebody as we walked around downtown Taconite.  We were given a nice place to park our vehicles, a big tent for shade and even... drum roll... A COACH BUS.  This bus is to ferry us around from town and back and whereever else we wanted.  It was like mega star life.  A real live hotel, and  fancy bus!


We played alot down town... by the firehall... in the VFW... even in some lady's back yard.  It was awesome.


The night was just about as good.  Same sort of deal, just bussed around for dinner, then back to teh town for some more playing.  It was an awesome time.


The parade the next day... man it was warm.  But, for only 3.5 blocks... who cares.  We could have done that like 10x and not worked up a sweat!  Maybe we should have worn full dress.


Then it was a leisurely drive home.  I got a weird allergy attack on the way back.  I just kept blowing my nose the entire time.  And Brandy said she had some major dehydration without realizing until it was too late.


Well, the pics should be up ... check 'em out.  I was too busy to take real pictures... Chris has some on his blog.  Check his space out!


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