Sunday, July 22, 2007

updates? i have none - did go camping tho'

So, yeah, not much new going on in teh Moore font.


Some pretty nice short weeks I'm having.  Every weekend in July was booked up, plus one in August.


First was Tconite, then Hibbing, then this past weekend was the camping with Mandy, next will be Butternut and then the guy's canoe trip.


So pretty busy.  I booked off every Friday at work so I could make sure I get everything in order.  I feel guilty, but I really enjoy my time away from work.  Especially lately.

Anyways, so this past week we went to the KOA to visit Uncle Al while he's camping there instead of going to band practice.  It was a good time.  I've been trying to be all about having a good time at band lately and try to build the comraderie.  I think this was a god time for that.  I'll post some pics ... enjoy.

Also, I promised Mandy that she'd get at least one wekend in with me where we'd go camping.  So this past weekend I called it our Anniversary camping trip.  It was really good.  Site #29 at the Sleeping Giant Park.  Just a few down from where we were a few years back with the kids (Alex, Cayley and Jordynn).


The first night we just sat back and relaxed.  We got in for like 5:30 or so. The girl who checked us in recognized me as a teacher (still an odd experience) and we set up camp and had some hotdogs.  I accidentally trapped a chipmunk in our screen tent.  He climbed in ok the one door ... but couldn't find it again.  Trapped like 3 of them (not all at once tho').


Then we slept. 


Next day we woke up, had some deepfried pancakes.  Well I did at least.  THen we hung out for a while, napped a little, then headed down to the beach to swim.  I say swim, but really we just waded up to our waists.  We're getting old, our excitement level's dropped.


When we got back, Mandy's parents came by for a visit... then Charm and her kids and my mom.  The camp was a hoppin' at that point.  The kids wanted to go down to the beach... so we did, came back and had some dinner.  They also made soem s'mores after borrowing (mooching) some marshmallow's from the neighbours.


Soon it was all peaceful again and Mandy and I hung out watching the fire for a while.  I could stare at a good coal based fire for hours.  But, we were pooped.  So we turned in earlier and went to sleep.


Now mandy will tell you the aztek is cold... i don't think so.  I was so wam.. Plus we put the double sized mattress in there and it fit beautifully.  Never had a better sleep in there.


In the morning we pakced up and headed over to the Howie camp... it was ok, we got to say Congrats to Kris and Greg (except Greg wasn't there).  Then my allergies really kicked in (even after i took medication) so we hightailed it home where I could get some real rest.


Check the pics!


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