Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Officially growing up... papers are signed and everything

So, ... with all the news of mandy being pregnant we're becoming more and more 'adults' as we mature and ready.  Mandy's been given books by Rain on what to expect, Charm's giving advice, we're planning financially and ... just well ... being adults.


It's cool.


The only thing we were missing was a house so far.  We've been looking for some time now.  Had MANY fights over what houses we've liked etc...


On the 9th we went out with Mandi for another round of 4 houses.  We looked about and really liked the first one we saw.  So much so we went back to have another look at it.  We called my dad, and Mandy's dad to have their opinion.


They really liked it... and we really liked it... 7:30 we went home to just think about if we were to put a bid in or not.


By 8:30 we had put a bid in... 8:35 we had one the bid by $100!!!!!  Mandi was just going bonkers... I was ready to throw up, and Mandy was just excited as all she could be.


Tonight we just finalized all the mortgages and signed the last of all the papers.


It's official... we're a family with a home now.  It's going to be awesome.


We have to wait until Aug.13th now to take possession and move in.  I really can't wait.


Now those who will get to see it, be warned, it's cozy... but i'll have my own basement.  OOOOoooh!!

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