Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hibbing '07

Another year, another Hibbing Mines & Pines Jubilee comes.


It was weird this trip because it was setup that I would drive with Deb and the girls.  Let me tell you it's entirely a different scent to:


A) not drive

B) not let any bodily functions go


crazy.  What also was weird that the girls fell asleep in the back pretty quickly... well after I let them watch some DVDs.  So it was a quiet ride.  But it was a nice ride.


Hibbing was a blast as always.  When we got there we enjoyed our normal first night relax.  I showed Peter my joke list on my palm and he spent most the night reading the jokes.  It was pretty funny watching him read the palm and then just stop reading to laugh hysterically before he could finish the joke.  He also would try to incorporate the people around into the joke.  Well, not all the peope, just Brandy (we had to do something since she doesn't like the Towelie-Head Brandy song).


The next day was pretty low key - the parade wasn't until 3!!  That's a pretty late parade for us.  I watched some of my Spinal tap, Jim Breuer stand up comedy...  It was pretty weird as it was only going to be me leading the parade.  Rory was back in town for a wedding.  So I had to be on the ball calling the shots, when to tune up, when to suit up.  Luckily the parade was easy.  We must have waited at least an hour or more.  When we finally moved we had plenty of space so that we didn't have to keep stopping and starting.


The barn-storming wasn't as fun as it usually is, hard to keep together a band that has a million different ideas and very little listening ability.  Sorry, I am just frustrated over it still.


Checco's treated us very well.  Too bad we had to keep going to other places.  I wanted to go back, but we had to hit the Brick Yard, which turned out to be pretty fun as well.  We played on the second level of the bar, just over the crowd.  Still boggles me how people go so crazy over piping.


The ride home meant we stopped at the Lake Superior Trading Post.  I like that place.  I usually go looking to get stuff for camping and end up with other stuff.  I picked up a book on basic science experiments... I'm such a geek.  We also got to cruise around their dragon boat festival... it was kind of like how Bayfield had all their craft booths out.


All in all - a good trip.  If you're in teh facebook group, you can check out some of the other pictures.  I'll post what I have, but I tend to take less pictures these days.



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