Friday, July 13, 2007

Stress #2 - i'm such a good lawyer

Remember a while back when I blogged about that car accident thingie?


Well I've never really found out anything about the court date.  I've called a couple times but got no real answer.  They kept saying "you'll get something in the mail".  That mail never came.


I did however get the date fo the trial.  It was for y esterday.  So Monday I went in and asked the questions WHERE/WHAT TIME?  I had about the RUDEST person available.  First she said that "WE NEVER MAIL ANYTHING OUT" ... which begs teh question, "how would somebody find out when their trial is?"  I was aggrevated.  SO I asked her that question, to which she replied "well how DID you find out about the date?"  I told her that I had called and that was all they gave.  So she said "wait one minute, i'll be right back".  She came back with a returned envelope.  The thing that they NEVER mail out was returned to them because they wrote my address wrong.  And they did it back in MAY!!!!... so 2 months have passed and nobody even bothered to contact me to say 'hey we couldn't mail this to you'... so I would have been in default had I not called.


Well I then follow this up with the request for my disclosure forms (the report from the officer's point of view).  And I get the meanest response ever - "you won't get it".  "But i do have a right to it", and she got snippy saying that it would take a while.  But I was never informed that i HAD to request them with a certain amount of time to get them.  So she let me fill the paperwork out.  At worst, I could as for a stay of the trial because I haven't had all evidence made available to me yet.


Fast forward to Tuesday.  I get a call from the Provincial Offences office... "Mr. Moore, you requested the disclosure forms, and upon rview of the forms we have decided we will withdraw the charges.  You still have to go to court to present yourself to the prosecution attourney and at that point they will inform you that they are officially withdrawing the charge."


WOOHOO  -  take that Brandon.  I'm such a good lawyer, I didn't even have to go to real court and I got myself off.


Well the day of the court I went and presented myself half an hour before trial starts.  And the PA looked like he was surprised I was there "you do know we're withdrawing the charge right?"   He said I didn't ahve to be there... but I wanted to be sure, so I stuck around.


After the 15th person came into the court I figured it could be a long time before I have my moment, so I had the PA reassure me that I did NOT have to be there, that i COULD leave and everything would be alright and they would still withdraw the conviction.


I have my little piece of paper  photocopied today saying "withdrawn R/P"  (at the request of the prosecution).


Okay... that down... now to get a hold of that other stupid guy and make his ins. company see that it was NOT my fault at all.

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