Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm a politician / accident / karma's a bitch

So the other day I started to think to myself that life was kind of going good.  Mandy and I saw a house we really liked, and it is most probably in a range we can afford... I started to really clear down some of my debt because I've been picking up a lot of work supplying lately.  And, I had my work appraisal at PTC and it earned me a raise.  And not just a $0.34/hr raise like I would expect at Sears when I was there... this was a RAISE... It rivaled an MP's raise to be honest.  OMG, I'm a politician!


So, give me a few more months, hopefully my debt'll be gone, the car will be paid off in another year... so I figure my credit would look good to a banker and we might start talking about mortgages and see about this home.  Life was looking up!




My parents invite us out for dinnner... and hey, we like to go out to eat!  So we start driving off down the road to get to Gargoyle's.  We come to a red light.  There is a black Kia in front of us and a maroonish sedan in front of them.  The light goes green and we all proceed through the intersection.  Just as you reach that point where you can increase speed the kia's brakelights are on, and he's dead stopped, so I have to SLAM on mine.  Longest secont occurs as we just tap bumpers.  Phew... thank god I got new brakes!


So we all put our hazard lights on, and I wait for a clear lane so I can get out.  I walk up to the Kia's car and ask if they're ok... the passenger says her head hurts, while the driver's calling 911.  Good call I guess.  I go to inspect our fender bender.  We are literally touching... you could slide a dime in between us... almost.  I go and pull my car back an inch or 2 to inspect the damage.  On my front fender the rubber is slightly scraped, and you can see some missing paint.  (I think I've done more damage brushing by my car than what I'm looking at).  I look at his fender and his black paint has a chip taken out (his fender is metal).  So I say "I think we're ok... really there is no real damage her, just some aesthetics issues."  At which point the driver then points to his front end.  This is where I sort of realize why his brake lights when on in the first place.  The car ahead of him must have stopped abruptly as I notice his front end is crumpled in, and it's leaking fluid.  Yikes.


So the fire dept comes, the ambulance comes and then the police officer comes.  Eventually the officer asks us "what way were you headed?" and "you were the 3rd vehicle?" then takes our licence and registration and disappears in his car for 1 hr.  Excellent detective work.  After standing around like mopes for an hour he comes back out and talks to the maroon car (1st in the chain) person and hands her a big piece of paper and she then walks away.  He comes now to the other 2 people (myself and Kia)... "you both will be fined... Mr. Moore your fine is $110!"


-this is karma-


Really?  He explains something about the rule of the road being you have to at all times make sure your vehicle CAN'T get into an accident... but we just tapped... I really wasn't listening as I was pretty stunned.  I ask him how he arrived at the decision that I was in the wrong and he just cites the traffic act to me.  Only now does he ask me if there's any damage to my vehicle.  I say there's some paint scraped off... so he comes over to look and then leaves me to contemplate WTF...


So what do I do?  Is this karma... something that I must accept as fair turnabout for the cosmic balance?  I mean there must be some validity to what he was saying.  Had I not been following too closely maybe I could have avoided this?  I dont' think so... I had about a car length between... and we just tapped... literally.  I don't want to go through the hassle of fighting this ticket in court... it's only $110, -- but then again it might be 4 demerit points!




karma... she's a bitch!

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