Monday, March 8, 2010

Great weekend

It wasn't a long weekend, or anything spectacular... just a vision of weekends should be like:

Friday night - had Cayleigh come and babysit Dean while Mandy and I went out to a movie (Alice in Wonderland 3D) with some friends and had a great time.

Saturday - attended dad's ACME group's fun-spiel.  I love curling... just never get time to do it.  We lost the first 2 games, won the 3rd (thanks to yours truly) and lost in the finals for the C round.  Follow it up with some Chinese buffet, and it's golden!  Dean was going to come to the 3rd game, however on the way there he was side-tracked by a big puddle and landed face first.  He enjoyed it... I didn't.

Sunday - we watched Dean's friend (and our friends' son) Ben as she went to deal with some hospital issues.  It was +10 outside so we got our splash stuff on and tshirts and ran around in the backyard for a couple of hours.  They had a ball running around and jumping and stuff.  Definitely kids love hanging out with other kids.  Getting them to bed was going to be difficult, however I stold Mandy's idea of crashing on the futon with low lights and a calm show and wrapped up in a snuggly blanket.  Wasn't long before they both were down.

I'm exhausted and my arms are sore, and legs are bruised and aching still.. it feels great!


Doug experimenting with flavour sensations and timbits

My curling prep

Dean tuckered out after his sleep over party.

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