Saturday, March 27, 2010

More (unfortunate) firsts

So, after having an extraordinary long week, I looked more and more towards the weekend.  And it got progressively worse as we neared Friday at 430pm.

Then it was that I remembered that this weekend was going to be a full weekend.  Well, full as in, I never get true weekends really since becoming an ‘adult’.  Add in Mandy’s odd work schedule, and it’s another work day, just at a different ‘office’.

But what made this weekend more ‘full’ was the fact that I’d have to jet right after work to go and play for the Cavendish cup, and then the Dodgeball tournament early the next morning… yeesh.

I’ve had more going on in other weekends, but the combined whole picture just was really depressing/frustrating.

So, here’s where you’d say in the typical story that something would come up and start to shine etc…, but not in my stories.  The weather went to real snow, and got cold… and then Mandy wasn’t feeling well.  Turns out that Lindsay had to take Be

n to the hospital with a fever… so it looks like she caught it and then got so bad had to leave work early.  So she was ‘messy’ and I went and got medicine for her.

Dealing with Dean was not so bad, but with the length of the week, the house looked ‘no hell’ so I figured to save time we’d order pizza.  The guy had just came and left with dinner when Dean hops down from the couch to make one mess on the floor, take another step and make 2 more… at that point I picked him up to take him to the tub and he gets his 4th.

This is where the idea of ‘firsts’ comes in the header.  This was Dean’s real first time getting ‘sick’.  He had vomited when he was an infant previously, but nothing like this, nor in a LONG time. Dean was really freaked out by it and took him a long time to get over it (heck, it’s taken me this long and I’m not sure I’m over it… I can still smell it…).

The funny/ironic portion of the whole story is the fact that just the other day I was reading somebody’s facebook status about being home with pukey kids etc… and I remarked to myself that we’ve been lucky that we haven’t had to deal with that at all… I wasn’t naive, I figured we would eventually, and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like it when it did happen.  Just didn’t expect it this soon, or have the double billing with Mandy on the same day.

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