Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm not crazy

Just a short note today... shoulda done it the other day when it was more relevant.

So I got some sort of nasty stomach thing the other day, as such I stayed home and slept (...and visited the facilities a lot).
Then I realized I left the garbage cans out and I should go get them.  I was already in my, as I call it, loungewear, I went out in just a tee, pyjama bottoms and boots to grab the cans.  I figured I was a site already as I would have bed head on top of my "i just got out of bed at 6pm" look.  But to make it worse a gang of kids on bikes was going by...

Oddly enough I wasn't the main 'crazy-attraction' that moment.  Some lady was screaming down some side street.  At first it looked like she was looking for a lost dog.  Her get up was worse than mine, which falls in line with a "my dog just jumped past the door and ran down the street, so i need to go grab him" look, but you quickly realized she was just crazy and screaming.  Kinda entertaining.

Despite it causing the bike gang of kids to stop right in front of my house, giving them more time to pause and reflect on my outfit choice, they stayed transfixed on her and the car that was then turning down that street and forced to talk to her.

Have I told you that Westfort is always entertaining?

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