Sunday, March 14, 2010

My old friend

Today was a good day.  Mandy again volunteered our 'babysitting services' to a friend so I got woken up by Dean and Kayla smackin' away on the drums.  When i eventually was up, we had a rousing jam session.  Kinda fun.  (Except 2 seconds ago when I looked over and Kayla had red all over her face -- turns out she was just eating marker... *phew*)

Then we decided to play outside.  Despite the usual fighting about who gets to be in the car at what time, it was fun out there.  I got to turn over the top bits of the garden (still a little frozen if you go more than 3-4") and I got re-introduced to an old friend.

It was so gorgeous outside I had to invite him out.


My throne (I also had my hammock, which is my ‘old friend’ , but anytime I got off it to take  a picture – they’d jump in)


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