Monday, July 15, 2013

Camping 2013 - day 1

Had a later start than I wanted, finally arriving and set up around 5.

On the ride to there Dean informs us of his plan. That when he and Dylan are older they are going the be married. He'll be a daddy.  Apparently 'older' means 17.

The extra time was getting ready at home but also picking the right spot. See the original spot we booked was 119 but it turned out to be too close to the biffies. Then we tried 80, but it wasn't big enough. 3rd time back they just gave us a list of sites that were available for out time frame and let us pick. 79 it is.

Just in time for chilli (with baby bell, but didn't want it in the chilli).

After we went for a walk to see the beach, but it was too cold to swim. So we just played around on the equipment.

Time for s'mores... Almost. We readied the site and had a bit of a nap.. Ish

When it was close we ventured to the nearby "comfort station" to familiarize ourselves with the luxury (ugh) then back to start the fire.

No sooner had I started it and Mandy and Dean were getting the ingredients did I hear "Dean get in the truck, get in the truck NOW".

Weird as I look over and Mandy is climbing in too... What's up I ask. SKUNK!

2nd year in a row that our site gets invaded by a skunk within 24 hours. Ugh.

I see it come around the front of the truck and I start to move but he comes closer...into the dining tent.  I book it around behind the tent as he then goes over to the roaring fire. I hop into the vehicle.  It takes a while as it seemed like he went under the Aztek so we turned on the radio and start up the engine.  Even move the vehicle.

An eternity passes before I venture out to the now dying fire. I signaled to the others that it was safe but they still took their time.

Now it's time for s'mores!  A few then its back to the comfort station and bed time.  Listening to the loons at night is something else.

Oh...the whole day Dean is either singing "woop gungam style" or "jingle bells" (there was a program on the radio about it).  Funny having Mandy ask him "what does sexy lady mean?"

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