Monday, July 15, 2013

Camping 2013 - day 2

Good ol' site # 79

yeah - camping fashion
I thought I had lost the bottoms of these zips,
so I used the tops to go swimming in a hottub
The day started out okay... The new mattresses held the air quite well.

It wasn't too cold either... I was expecting worse.

We had oatmeal for breakfast and then we went for a hike at the wilderness habitat trail... Dean only went on the promise of monster cookies.  We didn't get far...a little over a kilometre in my guessing before it was really mucky.  So we headed back.

Turns out as we found out later that that would be the trail the evening activity was going to hike ... The naturalist was bemused to hear we hiked it as "nobody ever hikes there".  We decided against attending the evening event.

After, we came back and had some monster cookies and then walked about and visited the centre
The order of the rest of the day is a bit of a blur. Hard to do these at the end of the day...but let's see. 

We napped/laid down for a while... Dean played with his Thomas trains (something with the mat and my made up magic doors).

we brought dean's "Camera" (which has games)
hoping he'd take some nature shots
Visiting the centre Dean got to do some colouring and we looked at the animals again.

We went to the beach and it was cooooooooooold.  But we dipped our feet in anyways.  Dean spotted a bee, but I showed him that bees were yellow and black versus this was green and black... It was a LARGE dragonfly. I thought it was stuck in some long grass so I tried to free it. Turns out it was injured. As fate had it, a duck was pretty fearless at the beach so we called it over and half flicked the dragonfly over to it. Dean was amazed how fast it ate it.

Circle of life!!

When we came back we had neighbours in the back part... And they were loud and obnoxious. Bitchy girls. Like they had never been in the outdoors ever before. Luckily they quieted down somewhat before I decided enough was enough... And it did provide some humour. The park ranger just came by and warned them actually.

Lots of deer around
Dinner was hotdogs and the biscuit mix and banana boats... Which was tricky. We got a fancy new metal roaster stick.... But doesn't help to bake the pilsbury stuff... We tried wrapping it around the hotdogs in aluminium foil... Just stuck to it. Tried roasting it on... Didn't cook the bread thoroughly.. Ah well.
The banana boats we just wrapped and left on the grill... I got brave enough to lift them off and hold them in a beach towel. Mine was done perfectly!

Fire's dying down and Dean and Mandy are now in bed... I'll pour the water on in a few and go brush my teeth... Barely 11.

2/3 done Dresden #13... Good thing I downloaded #14 before we left. I think I started reading this series last year.

Tomorrow's plans are another hike (less muck and less mosquitoes), hopefully no rain and potentially a visit from some friends.

There's supposed to be thunder tonight and rain tomorrow and Sunday.

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