Monday, July 15, 2013

Camping 2013 - day 4

I'm writing this on day 5 as we were a little preoccupied with the rain.
I saw this before I remembered
about going to the moth/butterfly
exhibit today.

Not much rain, just enough to piss you off.

We went to the visitors centre again, this time for a moth and butterfly exhibit info session.

Just for your edification, moths have 'furry antennae' and butterflies have 'bulbous' ones.  Also, moths are furry - and the #TIL was that adult moths do not have mouths.. so moths DON'T eat clothes.  Maybe they do as larva, but not as a moth.

Pretty cool stuff. Dean was really shy so didn't want to participate in the games.

After we went for a bit of a walk and then back for some relaxation time.

Mandy's parents came by around the afternoon as we were napping. They brought steaks and potatoes... 

Luckily we brought the mini barbecue. The potatoes we had to do over the fire.. Which was hard to build as it was so wet. While eating we had a visit from a few deer who didn't know to leave us alone. Tried scaring them off to no avail... Eventually it left, but came back... Rinse repeat.

Another walk showed us some cool campsites we might want to try next time - like 164.

Dean also got a visit from a chipmunk (again), this time it was brazen enough to jump up on his knee before scurrying away.

Then the rain really started coming down. So it was an early night. Dean was a little squirrely being made to go that early.

It was then we noticed the water in the tent. Turns out some movement of the tent must have caused the drop mat to get exposed and a pool of water was under the tent... So if you stepped there it felt wet and then eventually started to seep up.

We were ready to say go home.

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