Monday, July 15, 2013

Camping 2013 - day 5

We were still debating the idea of packing up in the morning until Mandy got outside.

She saw our washing trays and with the excitement of the rain we must have forgotten to empty them. Well the dirty eater one must have smelled good to one mouse as it had sacrificed itself to try to get some.

As I emptied it out and threw away that tray Mandy says she is now ready.

Not that we're throwing in the towel... But it's supposed to rain all day (luckily it's not now) and that would make for an especially cooped up experience... And if it's still wet under the tent.. We'd just be miserable. Pack things away as dry as we can get them and get home.

And, really it's only one extra day we're giving up... apparently the next day was supposed to be 32C, so things would dry easily (whereas now packing them away wet I'll HAVE to ensure I unpack them on a hot day to dry and air out so no mould gets on them), but that means enduring a day full of off and on rain - plus to get rid of the under pool we had would mean nearly putting everything away to move the tent... just not worth it.  So we packed up.

And wow... with the moisture it was HUMID.  Taking it all down took like 10x the effort and time to get it done.  It was so muggy that my phone was even fogged over.  Weird.

you can see that the camera lens was still foggy
But we packed up and headed on our way.  Dean wanted to stop by Terry Fox's monument on the way back in.  We had a discussion about it on the way in - about what he did to help fight a disease and how much he had to sacrifice.  I was impressed that he remembered.

Stopping in he really didn't ask many questions.  We prepared him about Terry's prosthetic.  I like to think he was caught in introspection about how he had a similar disease as grandpa had - but he was probably also tired.

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