Monday, August 5, 2013

Minocqua 2013 - great times had by all

In an effort to try to get you all caught up with the escapades...

Minocqua?  It was fun.  The weather held so well that the 4 trips were a breeze.  It was still a marathon of playing, but compared to the crazy amount of playing we did in previous weathers, it was easy.

Next year will be amazing as it's going to be over the weekend.  Super party time!

Yeah, it was a great time.  We had 3 'newbies' this year for this trip - ... actually 4.  Caelan, Ken, Adam had their first band trip, and this was Finlay's first trip to Minocqua.

First night was a great time out on the town, visiting some of the 'old haunts' in preparation for the next day.

We introduced the new kids to the tradition of the paddle.  I think they enjoyed themselves.  Adam and Ken both made the comments later, after the trip - yup, joining the pipe band was one of the smarter decisions I'd ever made!

The next day the weather just held perfectly... like maybe 20-25C... so perfect for parading.  In previous years it was ungodly hot, or insanely raining.  This was a cake walk.

We had a new driver this year... which made it easier for us to find out his name.  (every year we forget the driver's name, so we get the new guys to introduce themselves)

In pipe band fashion we headed out that night on the town some more.  Made some good friends (even another highland dancer).  The place thinned out pretty quickly as it was Thursday night, and most places would have to be open on the Friday.  Next year will be 'better'.

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