Monday, August 5, 2013

Butternut 2013

In an effort to get everybody caught up... I present to you... (better late than never)


A simple parade, it's a bit of a drive, but really, super simple.  Drive out the Saturday, play the Sunday for the parade and then head on home.  We used to try to double up this parade with another, as it was a Sunday parade (we could do another Saturday parade, then hightail it to Butternut for the Sunday).

This one was just one day this time, but it was pretty nice.  Take your time to get there and then you had all of Saturday evening to relax.

Because of my newly acquired job status, it meant I had all the time in the world to come back, so I went with Rory and Joe, who were going to stop off at Menards and stay an extra night.  More on that later.

What I thought was going to be a quiet evening of relaxing, turned into a 'why the heck not' and visited the fair grounds up top.  It was slightly raining, but Chris really has enjoyed the cover band playing up there in the past, so he was motivating everybody to go.

It was pretty fun in the end.  Chris really made a lot of new friends up there.  And just as we started to really enjoy ourselves they shut it down, as apparently the locals have something against Green Day, as within 10 minutes like 3 fights started out (can't tell if it was the same people for all 3 fights, but who knows for sure).

After, he dragged me to another gathering place and just met the owner of the bar and about everybody else there.  Even met some fellas who like to fish up at Armstrong.

The parade the next day was just a perfect amount of 'not rain', but it was still 'not dry'.  Made for a simple march.

We played the perfect amount after up at the fair grounds to just escape getting drenched.  Then it was on the way off to home for some, and for Rory, Joe and I off to Duluth to build a crate.

See, Rory had bought a door from Menards and needed a way to get it home.  It didn't come in a crate (he was told it did), so he failed to bring it home during the Minocqua trip.  So we were staying an extra day for the exemption - and give us time to build.

We walked around downtown Duluth to see the big tall ships in.  A relaxation before the great build.

The new spheres app was supposed to be better at aligning... but I still missed a couple some how.

I love doing Tiny planets

The next morning it was time to prepare ourselves for Menards.  Almost 5 hours in total... maybe more, and we had a crate built for this door.  It was perfection.  And it survived the trip home quite well.

Need a crate to go pick up a double door from Menards?

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