Sunday, August 18, 2013

Congrats Rob and Sue

Thanks to Rob and Susan for including us in your special day.

It was awesome weather and beautiful all around (seriously the sister who did the decorations could start her own business and give most of the companies in town s good run for their money).

For our part, Rory, Bill and myself were asked to pipe for the ceremony and... We'll it sounded good. Hope it looked even better!

We practiced several times throughout the week.

I piped down the bridal party and then the three of us played Susan down with Highland Cathedral (now that we have it and some seconds, we should have to play it in the band).

Then later in the evening we played a mini concert with Rob. It was awesome and very tight sounding!

Now, can't wait until that guy finds those photos (someone left their camera at a table so Rory took a few photos for him)!

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