Monday, August 5, 2013

Nakina doesn't turn 90 just every day

I could really get used to travelling on band trips in a coach.

Nakina turns 90 and they asked for our pipe band to play for the parade.  Like Washburn, this is one of those 'every 5 years' trips.  So you can't say no.

As it's a little bit of a drive, we figured it might be cheaper to take a coach (plus if it's still within Canada it's not so bad... go south of the border and the price gets astronomical).

We get picked up at 630am, and we arrive just in time for a tune up and line up for 11:30am.

The parade is a nice short jaunt from 12noon to almost 30 minutes after.
Then there was a quick performance in the hall and we sounded really good.  We were given  a nice lunch and then back on the bus.

Too cushy - and we had a great ride home.

Definitely can get too used to riding on these things.

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