Monday, July 15, 2013

Camping 2013 - day 3

So I pulled an old man Moore move lady night and about 130am went over to the noisy camp to ask them to quiet down.  I never wanted to be like my old man, who used to complain about the 'noisy neighbours' and remembered how embarassed I was when he would go and ask them to quiet down.  But 1:30... c'mon.  I got my head lamp on and walked over and finally about when I was just standing next to one of them (not the one with a guitar, mind you) did they finally go "oh, ssshhh... someone's here".  I just remember shaking ... not sure if it was the cold or the adrenaline.

I said "do you have any idea that it is 1:30?  Do you realize that you are in a park?  I'm on my vacation!  Keep it down"  Then I mumbled some expletives under my breath.  Not sure why I added the part about my vacation tho'... 

Then it was a nice sleep!

Pancakes were excellent this morning... Even though we made too many (I believe I eat more camping and without a full days activity like canoeing and hiking, I'll be putting on weight... Maybe the mosquitos have sucked enough out).

plenty of visitors

The sky is ominous as it's cloudy, but still warm so I'm unsure if it's imminently going to rain or not... Packed everything in containers just in case.

I read for a while outside waiting the train while Mandy and Dean were in the tent. It didn't seem long, but a few hours passed and Justin and Karen came by with Alexis. Soon after it warmed up enough and we went swimming.

Dinner was hot dogs and beans (apparently the tooting kind of not jumping... According to Dean) and an assortment of desserts... Do note, that when jiffy pop days not over a campfire, they mean it.

We just hung about for a while, playing cards with the kids (Dean really loves the I spy go fish fame) until it was late and they went on home. Just in time for the pageant.

Oh yeah, a Miss Sleeping Giant 2013 pageant (though I believe the tick to have been a guy).

The porcupine stole the show though! (while the show was going on, some guy shouts "hey there's a porcupine right there")

On the way back we made use of some of the glow in the dark sticks and they are a pretty cool way to light the tent.

I have the tent we told stories... Even read some of Grimms to Dean.

So far, no noise from the neighbours! Yay

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