Saturday, October 28, 2006

3rd installment of the Ye Ol' Boys Club

It was a good night really.  I must say I do enjoy hanging out during YOB night.  If for nothing else than for a bunch of guys to just hang out.  It's not often that it's entirely all men.  Usually, somebody's wife, or girlfriend comes along.  Not that there's anythign wrong with that, just it's nice to know that FOR SURE it's a night set aside for men to do men things.


The samples were all good... the food was even better [my god Mags, you can cook!].  I enjoyed the games as well.  I won my money back in teh crib tourney, but unfortunately it prevented me from playing in the poker round.


The other cool thing was that it was 99.9% all teachers... actually 88%, but who`s counting.  So you can all relate to each other when you tell `work` stories.  Plus being colleagues you can throw some of your problems out there and see how others are dealing ... like really fun networking almost.  heh.


THe only downside to the night was the fact that everybody left so early.  I understand WHY we had to put it on a Friday night [hard scheduling for like 15+ guys], but it meant that everybody had things to do on Saturday morning.  So it ended up being just me and Jarron


It's always down to me and him.. and Eilidh, after nights out.  So this being Boy's night out, there was no Eilidh present.  However this didn't prevent us from giving her a ring around 2am.  Luckily she had only been asleep for an hour.    Not much really happened during the 47minute phone call, except for a new hand signal (imagine placing your hand flat out, bent at the wrist like a cobra or something and then `sliding` it away - just like the `good to go`from the commercial) - this is now means `Bailidh`  As in Eilidh is bailing (not coming)... pretty clever ehÉ  hrmmm (do you see a question mark... why can`t i do a question mark... I`m sure I`ve done one before - i hate when stuff like that happens...)


anyways... can`t wait until the next one.  Good job Jarron for putting it all together


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