Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Yay... Bayfield is the BEST trip our band does all year 'round.  Couldn't wait.  Especially after the driving situations were re-arranged so that I take my vehicle.  I guess it's a sign of my age, that I prefer to have my own stuff around me at all times and not have to depend on others.  Oh, well.


So, the way down, Jarron and Trish had a little system to say when they were full enough to stop to go make a pit-stop.  Throughout the trip all you heard was "I'm at 6!"  "oooh, 8.5"  The scale was from 1-10, where 1 was "mm.. I'm comfy" and 10 was "oh man... you've got seconds until... nm!  aaaah"  Now, if you see the pictures, Trish maintains that the mess was a 'spillage of beer' issue and not due to the fact that at one point "(we) made (her) pee against a tree!"  [picture your best trish drunk saying "THEY MADE ME PEE AGAINST A TREE!"]


That first night was as it always is... a fun night, but very little people stay up for the full night.  Seeing as we played at like 9am or something just as silly.  It was a rough performance.  My pipes had changed alot apparently and the bridles on the drones were waaay up and it was just sucking wind.  I made it through [of course], but if it had been any longer I mighta been in trouble.


After playing you went your merry way... some went shopping, some (like me) went sleeping.  The past week was pretty horrendous.  Not many hours of sleep!  So I slept nearly until the time we had to play at the Rittenhouse.  Same ol' show... this time it came with a guy who opened beer bottles with a lighter!  Pretty cool!  Then we paraded down teh street with the Queen of the Applefest and then played on the beach for the boat show [I was none-too-impressed to play for that as it was getting colder out and the wind was picking up... so all my sweat was just freezing].


Another walk up the hill and we had a great dinner (as always) and then we relaxed again until it was time to do some "barnstorming."  On the way down the hill Annie did a little 'trip/skip' thing and commented something to the effect of how she was going to just fall flat on her face at some point.  At which point, I joked "that'll learn ya for not coming out to band!"  And what happens when we're playing in teh Rum-Line?  Anne decides to jump in for one dance and rolls her ankle. [apparently it was so swollen when she got home that they couldn't tell by the first x-ray if it was broken].  Man I feel like a heel (pun intended... heh )


So as Rory takes her back to the school, it's up to me to maintain order and I had us play at the Pavillion and then head on out.  Well, I set them free, they could do what they wanted.  Me, I headed back to the Rum-Line with a few people.  We ended up playing almost the rest of the night.  It was kidn of nice to NOT play the 4 4/4s and Balmoral over and over again.


The parade the next day was pretty neat.  There was this huge bear costume that took 2 people to man.  It was pretty cool.  Parade was par for the course and then we headed back as quick as possible to the school so we could beat the crowd out of the city.


All in all it was a good trip... with the exception of Pete's speeding ticket (~$211) and Brian's (~$287).  Ouch guys!


So, see the pics!

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