Wednesday, October 11, 2006

easiest interview yet...

So, I had my interview today.  I went down to the Board Office and the person said what time my interview was they said "Sibley Room, just go to the secretary and she'll point you in teh right direction!"  Well, when I got there, there was no secretary there, so I wandered around a bit, and eventually somebody pointed out which room it was.  After a while of waiting, the secretary comes back and tells me that I'm in the wrong place (but really politely tho') and that they had moved it and I was to go to another area.  Ok... so a little frazzled I guess.  But undaunted none-the-less.


Then, it's now 5min pastthe time of the interview and the 2nd person is already coming in and waiting.  Hrmm... am I in the right place?  Finally I'm let in.  I'm a little nervous due to the few complications.  But, the interviewer is a principal I get along with [or got along with, she transferred to the Board Office after her school closed] and we joke and talk for a bit.  Then she says "the interview should be approximately 30minutes"  I've NEVER used up the whole 30 minutes for the interview, and rarely 15!  So now I'm nervous.


But, really the interview was easy!  I had never cake-walked one like that before.  I had some good answers, some solid points ... missed one of the resource things, but meh...


So we'll see what happens... I could be the new after-school tutor!  Whatever that means... I guess I should have asked what the job entails!



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  1. It\'s about time you updated this thing!  Takes you long enough! :D Do you ever go on a band trip that isn\'t full of debauchery?