Saturday, September 30, 2006

...can I handle this? people have confidence in me?

So, the other day I get 3 more kids shot into my class.  Probably 3 of the worst of the other class thrown into my class.  Instantly it was a bit harder o manage these kids.  Just as I was starting to get into a 'rhythm' it was only made harder.  Plus another kid finally came back, and she was none-so-fun.  Sister of a kid I taught last year... and he was rough, and all I heard was his younger sis was worse. She is!


So, my chair then decides that fter they've moved them in, I should go and meet with him and the guidance counsellor to talk about them.  Turns out that meeting was a veiled attempt to say "Ryan, these must be tough, we understand, and nlet's stop sending 'em to the office!"  I know I had to send a few to the office, but really... they're THAT BAD.  I can't send one of them to another room, like they suggest, they'll just disappear.  They want me to send them to the guidance room, but the one time I've tried he wasn't there.  So, my job has been made harder by throwing more kids in there, and then telling me to NOT send them to the office if they're bad.  Just grin and bear it I guess.


I've been super tired lately.  As soon as Friday hits I'm just falling on the bed.  I slept like 6 hours after I got home the other day.  Not good.  And this is just one class.  Then again, the vp did say that this is a class you'd run into like once every 10 years.  ick.


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