Monday, September 25, 2006

Conflicting research...

So... as much as a scientist I am, I'm very conflicted in what I should show to class tomorrow.


For years, we've heard that DDT is harmful to society.  And then comes along my hero, Dr. Joe Schwarz, and he opens my eyes to the real research on the issue.  Sure there is some research that shows there CAN be some harmful effects, but in the comparison to other stuff it's not the monster it's made out to be.  There's even one professor who tries to stress this fact by EATING a spoonful of DDT in his lectures.


So what should it be... for years and years all the textbook list it as doom and gloom.  So is it wrong to show it in a different light.


So it's a bit of an issue, for which one I should do... or do I put it in both lights?  I'm sure that's the proper thing to do.


I should also have the activity for the BIOACCUMULATION thing planned out.  I think it's going to involve me throwing stuff at the students as I 'spray DDT" on them.  heh


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