Monday, September 11, 2006

Favourite ad

So, as of late, there's been this great ad on tv:



truly, it is an awesome ad.    I just love the accent, and people "in the know" have told me that it's pretty well spot-on for the true dialect (I've seen some reports say that it's approximately St. John dialect... but anyways).


Now, watching the ad, in of itself, makes it great... what makes it my favourite ad to date is the fact how easily you slip into the dialect yourself just watching it.



The other night playing cards at Jarron's place (until 4am I might add - and I won btw) we discussed the ad, and all laughed at the funniness of it.  Next thing you know, everything we were saying had that accent.

"well, ye gots ta put doon 5 there, eh, ta see da flop, i tells ya what"

Okay, accents are hard to do in text, but you get the drift - essentially we had become makeshift Newfs for the night.  It was FUN.


Try it sometime!  Watch the ad a few times and throw yer own oot there, eh?


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