Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tough break Rory / Rain... I hate Henry Templeman

Yeah, so, Rory and Rain have been really looking for a house.  And finally an opportunity came up where both Rory and rain agreed upon a good house they liked.  (quite rare for rory...).  It was a 'not bad' deal for the price.  It was a good area.  It was a bank repo, and they knew it was listed for more than it had sold for, so how could they NOT put in an offer.

For the next few days they waited in anticipation to hear if the offer was accepted.  The deal was closing at 5pm on Friday.  Friday 5:30 they find out that they had been rejected for their offer.  But somethign smelled funny.  The final offer, the winning bidder, came at 4:59pm and it had not gone through the seller, but straight to the bank.  Hmm... that doesn't seem right.


As it's unfolding, not much is known, except that HENRY TEMPLEMAN had circumvented the code of ethics they have and gone through shadier channels to outbid Rory and Rain by a meagre amount, and waited until the last moment to offer so there could be no chance to call in and inquire.  Apparently he had violated some of their own rules in doing so.  Unfortunately their in a weird predicament where it's a matter of "well there's nothing we CAN do?"


Sure there is!  There always is!  PEOPLE:  pass it along that Henry Templeman is the slimiest dirtbag there is!  He actually really is (I've dealt with him a few times, and he's not a pleasant person).  I'm urging them to go to the Better Business Bureau and if necessary seek out legal recourse.  This cannot stand.  Makes me sick.


On, other news... nothing much has been going on.

  • The tune book is carrying on, and should meet deadline.  Just trying to 'jazz' it up a bit.  But you know me, I'm not very artistic at all, so I'm at a real loss of what to do.

  • I have an interview Friday at PACI for that 1 LTO period of science - wish me luck!  Waiting to hear about the JUMP START thing.  I applied for this due to a forward Jarron had sent me that the Board was looking to do the after school tutoring thing again.  I figure IF things work out, it will be an awesome semester:

    1. Mornings at PTC

    2. A period of science in the afternoon

    3. After school tutoring.

I mean essentially 3 part time jobs that are pretty ... well, easy.  What more could you ask for?  I don't want to get my hopes up too much, because it's just too good to be true.

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  1. I do read your blog but you don\'t update it on a regular basis so sometimes I\'m behind cause I forget to check some days. I just don\'t always leave comments.
    Yeah this totally sucks for Rory and Rain.  When I took the Homebuyers course here in Toronto they told us that if you are a buyer you should get a buyer agent and not someone who is working as both a buyer and seller agent. The advantage is the buyer agent is just working for you and will have your best interests in mind. Tell them to look for a buyer agent and not go with somone who is working to sell for someone else.  Those guys are only looking at their bottom line and pushing the stuff they are selling. They don\'t have the buyers best interest at heart.