Sunday, September 3, 2006

The LAST WEEKEND of summer. [the kbf]

So, it was the last weekend coming up... nothing planned.  Just the prospect of back to work and busy lives.  What to do?


Well, sitting at coffee I suggested we should go camping at Kakabeka Falls... turns out that just suggesting it was taken that we'd really do it.  So I totally forgot about it and when I got home from work on Friday I told Mandy, so she went and called and made the bookings before we even knew how many people were coming.  But we figured it out eventually.


Saturday I spent part of the day gathring what stuff I needed for camping:

  • new cooking pots for camping

  • camping chair

  • spare tent

  • etc...

After Mandy got off work we headed to A&P for some camping food and the Buck store for some stuff to do (cards, checkers... which we never used) and made the trek to the "KBF."  When we got there Trever and Eilidh had beat us there, but had gone for a walk.  They had left us a note, but we never saw it.  In the mean time we set up the tent.  When Trever and Eilidh got back we set up their tent... man it was HUGE.  As she put it "you coul do cartwheels in there"  Which I guess is ok, seeing as it was Trish's birthday and all, she should get the biggest tent.

The rest of the night consisted of getting the fire ready ... apparnelty you really do have to get tons omre wood than you think.  We had bought 4 bags of wood and it was not enough.  We spent the rest of the night doing some 'foraging'  Foraging is a Canadian word for stealing wood from whereever you see it.  For Jarron this meant a 200lb log dragged down the road.  Oh, and a note:  200lb logs don't really burn all too well.  Next time, bring a saw.

When I finall crashed Mandy was just freezing.  I don't get it... it was chilly, bt not freeing last night.  So, it was an uncomfortable sleep on that tiny twin mattress.  Chris slept very well in his wall to wall mattressed tent, and Jarron enjoyed his Bivy sack.  In the morning I woke up... usually a good sign.  But I slept in.  Usually I can't sleep past 8 when I camp... I woke up at 10!  Breakfast consisted of muffins... yum!

After a bit people decided to go for a walk.  Mandy and I decided to opt out as she was to go to a Union picnic.  So when they left, we went and packed up and headed for home.  Not before I had left Trish some birthday presents.

Turns out, that what we had left for, Mandy's picnic, was for Monday... not Sunday... oh, well... at least she got to go camping.

Nothing left now but to get ready for work... yayayayayayay!

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