Friday, September 15, 2006

I am a scientist... and a science teacher

So... like the song says "I am a scientist, i seek to understand things..." I too am a scientist.


And, as of today, I am a science teacher again as well.


That LTO I was kinda worried about not getting at PACI?  I have it!  Sweet eh?  *whew*

I tell you, tho', I do NOT interview well.  I'm getting better so that I don't ramble, but the nerves are hard to control for me.  It was pretty gross.  But I did ok.  I felt like throwing up after the interview tho', really, I was feeling pretty ill... maybe it was my breakfast [little as it was] or something else, but I had to take a few minutes and go home, 'just in case.'  Then I went to PTC.


Yeah, so I found out at 1:30 that I start on Monday teaching.  So I went in at 3:30 and met with Andrew [he's definitely got my vote in the upcoming election now] and the previous teacher.  Turns out it's a pretty rough class.  19 apparently right now... may be more soon enough he said.  But a few really rough kids in terms of classroom management.  And then I was handed a TON of books to start planning.  Should be easy enough.  The first chapter will be nice to get out of the way tho' ... biology.  Ick.


But, hey, I've got a job!!


Thank you:

  1. Andrew, Susan and Paul during the interview

  2. Jarron for putting the bug in Susan and Andrew's ears

  3. anybody who had wished me luck

Now, ... on with the rest of the story.


[oh... so I'm working at PTC and PACI... both start with P, and 2nd letter is a C... weird]

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