Wednesday, September 6, 2006

only one LTO

So, the school season is officially underway.  They posted the LTOs necessary for this semester.  Now the fun thing is they get posted, but only at the schools.  Ok, so if you're a guy like me looking for jobs you're NOT going to be IN the schools.  But that is the only place they get put.  So you have to go to the school, just walk on in the staff room and find the bulletin board, and then go and find the LTO posting and then beg somebody for a photocopy number if you want to take it home.  [I imagine just taking the ONLY posting on the board would be rude to the rest of the people out there].


Anyways, so I get to Westgate and just write the info down... here's the posting:


  • Science 10 Applied
    pd 4

so... 1 posting... that's it.  Luckily it's at PACI.  Hopefully that'll be in my favour.  Or else I'm gonna have to get my cards ready.  I got a bunch of the magnets ready to go.  30 more to use up if i need it.

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