Tuesday, September 19, 2006

10 Applieds... again... more energy than ever.

So, settling into the school (again), teachign grade 10s (again), Applieds (again), science (oooh, that's new!)


I get going on the first day, ready to teach, when they tell me they were supposed to be working on a poster in the computer lab.  So, i acquiesce and let them go there.  It turns out that oly a  few needed time, the rest were playing games.  So I decide to haul them back to the room.  I guess because there was only a few minutes left in class [25min] almost half decided not to come back.  It's ok... I understand...


Anyways, it was a good day, for a first day.


Today... wow... i sent 3 out to the office, another to the hall and I counted 15 swears from another kid.  This is also the same kid who asked would a hunter's gun be an abiotic factor... anyways, you had to be there.  OOoh, he also asked what a linear line was.  At first I thought he was going to get me on the whole "technically a line is linear, so you don't have to say linear" but he legitimately didn't know.  Ouch.  It's gonna be a long semester I think.


What do you think of my office?  I got the key for the science room and just plunked my stuff in the first spot I could.  A table that was almost bare.  And I spread myself all over it... heh.  Now, to do something about the computer in that room... it's pretty awful.  Old, won't use my usb key... and apparently my password isn't working.  Grr...

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