Friday, September 1, 2006

Readying for school

Well, what does readying for school mean?


It means usually, new toys!  Heh... just kidding.  Tho', I did make the annual trek to Staples to pick up some supplies:


  • Magnetic business card stock
    now, i can stick my regular business card on this piece of fridge decoration and hopefully make my name more visible!... hopefully

  • Ink
    what better stuff to print out my business carsd with?

  • Blank DVDs
    ok, they were just a good deal

Then I went over to F-shop and scooped up on their 'deal'  They had a 2GB Kingston USB drive for $39.99.  Awesome!  It was $80 off on sale, putting it to $69.99 and then there was a $30 mail in rebate.  So that's no hard luck either.  Pretty sweet buy.

Yeah, so school's getting under way and I'm readying for the deluge of calls... not.  I probably won't be called for some time, so I better get my cards ready to fly.  Unless a miracle happens and there's actually a job for me.  In the mean time I'll be at PTC for a while yet.  At least that first week of school.

Oh, speaking of my job at PTC... I have pics today to show you all... ooooh... check the photos section!


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