Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Look out people... pipeband comin' at ya

Okay, so I've been on a huge pipeband kick lately.  Just finished the book.  That was a late night with Rory on Sunday.


Just designed up the banner (not so late a night with Ror on Tuesday night).


Jarron did an awesome job on the Celtic Bash poster.


NOV. 18 - you all better be there!!!


Did a pipng gig the other day (and did it awesomely - thanks Ror).


Bayfield is NEXT weekend.


This should be good!


Now, jsut have to last that long.  The class is having it's ups and downs.  Today was a not so good day.  Kinda got along with some of them, and one kid has become a new problem, one that I didn't anticipate.  Grr... Never easy is it?!?


So, lesson I wish to impart today:

COME TO THE BASH ON NOVEMBER 18... help out the pipeband.

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