Sunday, October 29, 2006

Movie night recap - Thumbsuckers sucks thumbs


So a bit of cabin fever set in on me yesterday, so I asked if people wanted to get out and do something.
Brandi was up for anything.  Trish and Eilidh were going to the Keg.  Seeing as they were going BEFORE Mandy got home, I figured she'd be pissed if I went to the Keg without her, I bowed out of that.  So, Brandi and I went to Chapter's with her and picked up a book "why do men have nipples" only 'cuz the next book looked even better "why do men fall asleep after sex."  Brandi picked up [and I'm totally jealous of] "The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" and "Crap Jobs"


After that the girls said they'd call us after the Keg and see if we wanted to do anything.  I suggested movie at my place.  I invited a few people over and the girls brought "THUMBSUCKERS" which was a really... well awful is too harsh, but it was nowhere near good.


Then again it was hard to really watch the movie when everybody was over by that time.  Doug and Trish were bugging each other, Rory was breaking candles and Mandy was on her way to getting giddy.


I wish I had taken some pictures.  All in all it was a good night.  Haven't really had a good hang out at our apartment in a while.  Definitely need to do more.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

3rd installment of the Ye Ol' Boys Club

It was a good night really.  I must say I do enjoy hanging out during YOB night.  If for nothing else than for a bunch of guys to just hang out.  It's not often that it's entirely all men.  Usually, somebody's wife, or girlfriend comes along.  Not that there's anythign wrong with that, just it's nice to know that FOR SURE it's a night set aside for men to do men things.


The samples were all good... the food was even better [my god Mags, you can cook!].  I enjoyed the games as well.  I won my money back in teh crib tourney, but unfortunately it prevented me from playing in the poker round.


The other cool thing was that it was 99.9% all teachers... actually 88%, but who`s counting.  So you can all relate to each other when you tell `work` stories.  Plus being colleagues you can throw some of your problems out there and see how others are dealing ... like really fun networking almost.  heh.


THe only downside to the night was the fact that everybody left so early.  I understand WHY we had to put it on a Friday night [hard scheduling for like 15+ guys], but it meant that everybody had things to do on Saturday morning.  So it ended up being just me and Jarron


It's always down to me and him.. and Eilidh, after nights out.  So this being Boy's night out, there was no Eilidh present.  However this didn't prevent us from giving her a ring around 2am.  Luckily she had only been asleep for an hour.    Not much really happened during the 47minute phone call, except for a new hand signal (imagine placing your hand flat out, bent at the wrist like a cobra or something and then `sliding` it away - just like the `good to go`from the commercial) - this is now means `Bailidh`  As in Eilidh is bailing (not coming)... pretty clever ehÉ  hrmmm (do you see a question mark... why can`t i do a question mark... I`m sure I`ve done one before - i hate when stuff like that happens...)


anyways... can`t wait until the next one.  Good job Jarron for putting it all together


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm going to get fired apparently

So, I get asked to cover Jarron's class today and well, it's basically the same kids I deal with in the afternoon.  And some of them were none too pleased to be seeing me for 2x in a day.  One girl in particular started in right away on me.  Essentially I had to send her to the office with a "if this is the way you are going to behave, it'll be better that you weren't here.  Go to the office."


The story was starting to spread around the school... "such-n-such is yelling at the VP to get Mr. Moore fired!"  Meh... 


The little 'such-n-such' started walking around the school where I'd see her and shout "Mr. Moore sucks!... you're gonna get fired!"


I then went and visited with the VP and we talked about the girl in question.  Mentioned about what she had said etc... saying "it's been said, and it's hard to UNsay.  So we'll have to nip this in the butt."


She even hung around the After School Tutorial and tried taunting me.


Not that it bothers me... not at all really.  I mean she's a little brat who hates it when things don't go her way.  No coping skills whatsoever obviously.  So I can't really get upset over it.  What bugs me was how she was lying around after school and such.  Makes me think that they're looking for my car.  I overheard a few of them talking about "gate night" and if they knew where i lived, they'd get my house... or my car.


So that kinda wories me... a little.  Not that I've ever had anything done to my car [tho' I have had 3 punctures now on my tire]... just now and again I feel like something could be pulled, and it's going to be a huge inconvenience for me.  Not that it'll be real damage, ro anything hurtful etc..., just annoying.


So, I guess the best thing I can do is just sit around here and await my inevitable pink slip that she's going to get me.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Awesome!  Finally they've announced that the Hip will be heading to Thunder Bay.


This is gonna be great.  I gota pick up my titckets... well I have to buy them first.  How many people want to come with me?  Eilidh's already asked i pick hers up.


Now's the debate, do I buy for seats, or stand up or the standing room like I had last time?  I mean I don't care really... just wahtever I guess.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Another sunday brunch

So here it is, Sunday... and we're hosting family brunch at our place again.  I really enjoy it actually.  It's nice and relaxed.  Just mandy tends to stress a little over it tho'..


So, Sunday... next, I've got to get ready for the week.  I have nothing planned for class tomorrow... I should do a quiz... and I have a quick lesson on what can control the rates of reaction.  Thank goodness I know this stuff down pat, that I don't really need to prepare [except for a quick handout or something].


It also means I should get something together for my after school math session tomorrow.  Hmm, what should I do?  I'm thinking of maybe something along the lines of just BEDMAS operations or something.  That'd be easy enough I guess.  I've got a few kids who don't even have a math class this semester so I've got to find something to keep them busy for the hour.  the other thing is I've got 19 kisd there... it's HUGE!  Waay too much I think, but that's just me.


Well, less than a month before the Celtic Bash ... who's buying a ticket?  I really have to start being pushier.


Catch ya later...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Did I tell you easy... or did I say easy?

Yeah, so I got the job!  I'm an after school tutor!  I'm going to go have to meet with the lady tomorrow to figure out exactly what that means.  What I see it means is that on Mondays and Wednesdays I'm not getting home until 5:30pm... ugh.  Oh, well.  Such is life.


Wish me luck.


Oh, and tomorrow I think I'm going to have to bring my camcorder into class.  Those bastard kids were just ANGELS when the princpal sat in the class room the other day... so I'm going ot have to find some way to 'catch them in the act'



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

easiest interview yet...

So, I had my interview today.  I went down to the Board Office and the person said what time my interview was they said "Sibley Room, just go to the secretary and she'll point you in teh right direction!"  Well, when I got there, there was no secretary there, so I wandered around a bit, and eventually somebody pointed out which room it was.  After a while of waiting, the secretary comes back and tells me that I'm in the wrong place (but really politely tho') and that they had moved it and I was to go to another area.  Ok... so a little frazzled I guess.  But undaunted none-the-less.


Then, it's now 5min pastthe time of the interview and the 2nd person is already coming in and waiting.  Hrmm... am I in the right place?  Finally I'm let in.  I'm a little nervous due to the few complications.  But, the interviewer is a principal I get along with [or got along with, she transferred to the Board Office after her school closed] and we joke and talk for a bit.  Then she says "the interview should be approximately 30minutes"  I've NEVER used up the whole 30 minutes for the interview, and rarely 15!  So now I'm nervous.


But, really the interview was easy!  I had never cake-walked one like that before.  I had some good answers, some solid points ... missed one of the resource things, but meh...


So we'll see what happens... I could be the new after-school tutor!  Whatever that means... I guess I should have asked what the job entails!




Yay... Bayfield is the BEST trip our band does all year 'round.  Couldn't wait.  Especially after the driving situations were re-arranged so that I take my vehicle.  I guess it's a sign of my age, that I prefer to have my own stuff around me at all times and not have to depend on others.  Oh, well.


So, the way down, Jarron and Trish had a little system to say when they were full enough to stop to go make a pit-stop.  Throughout the trip all you heard was "I'm at 6!"  "oooh, 8.5"  The scale was from 1-10, where 1 was "mm.. I'm comfy" and 10 was "oh man... you've got seconds until... nm!  aaaah"  Now, if you see the pictures, Trish maintains that the mess was a 'spillage of beer' issue and not due to the fact that at one point "(we) made (her) pee against a tree!"  [picture your best trish drunk saying "THEY MADE ME PEE AGAINST A TREE!"]


That first night was as it always is... a fun night, but very little people stay up for the full night.  Seeing as we played at like 9am or something just as silly.  It was a rough performance.  My pipes had changed alot apparently and the bridles on the drones were waaay up and it was just sucking wind.  I made it through [of course], but if it had been any longer I mighta been in trouble.


After playing you went your merry way... some went shopping, some (like me) went sleeping.  The past week was pretty horrendous.  Not many hours of sleep!  So I slept nearly until the time we had to play at the Rittenhouse.  Same ol' show... this time it came with a guy who opened beer bottles with a lighter!  Pretty cool!  Then we paraded down teh street with the Queen of the Applefest and then played on the beach for the boat show [I was none-too-impressed to play for that as it was getting colder out and the wind was picking up... so all my sweat was just freezing].


Another walk up the hill and we had a great dinner (as always) and then we relaxed again until it was time to do some "barnstorming."  On the way down the hill Annie did a little 'trip/skip' thing and commented something to the effect of how she was going to just fall flat on her face at some point.  At which point, I joked "that'll learn ya for not coming out to band!"  And what happens when we're playing in teh Rum-Line?  Anne decides to jump in for one dance and rolls her ankle. [apparently it was so swollen when she got home that they couldn't tell by the first x-ray if it was broken].  Man I feel like a heel (pun intended... heh )


So as Rory takes her back to the school, it's up to me to maintain order and I had us play at the Pavillion and then head on out.  Well, I set them free, they could do what they wanted.  Me, I headed back to the Rum-Line with a few people.  We ended up playing almost the rest of the night.  It was kidn of nice to NOT play the 4 4/4s and Balmoral over and over again.


The parade the next day was pretty neat.  There was this huge bear costume that took 2 people to man.  It was pretty cool.  Parade was par for the course and then we headed back as quick as possible to the school so we could beat the crowd out of the city.


All in all it was a good trip... with the exception of Pete's speeding ticket (~$211) and Brian's (~$287).  Ouch guys!


So, see the pics!