Monday, August 4, 2008

Day 5 of our First Family Trip

Day 5 already... feels like forever.  I guess travelling with a wee'un can weigh on you.  Ah well.. it's worth it for him.  And Mandy... it is HER trip after all!  :)

So, we had grandiose plans to wake up early and head out to iHOP or something like that and meet Mary & Dick for lunch and still get in time for MOA fun stuff.  That was not to be.  Dean woke up at 6am and set us all off our schedule.  We got as much stuffed into the car as we could, said our goodbyes to Kathy (I hope you can make use of the book) and were on our way around 10ish.

We started at the MOA, and went straight for the under the water tour.  It wasn't too bad actually.  Adam said it was his favourite part of the WHOLE trip... awww... Dean really enjoyed it.  It was hard holding him as he kept craning his neck to see the fish swim over the top of the tube.  Doubt he'll remember it at all... and stupid me, I left the camera in the car.  Luckily, Aunt Kelly and Adam have take alot of pictures and videos.  When they're available I'll point you to 'em.

All sharked out, we decided to head on to further MOA excursions as we did some of the fun rides.  I got to be Kelly's ride buddy for the 'funner' ones.  We decided first would have to be the SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS ROCK BOTTOM PLUNGE.  Now I haven't been on a real rollercoaster in years, but I used to love crazy ones.  This one looked nuts... nothing extravagant, just a fun ride up, then straight down and some curves.  So Kelly and I went in with some high hopes.  Apparently Adam doesn't like fast things that are above the ground.  Anywho - the ride was well above anything I expected.  The ride went up... vertically - so you felt like you were going to fall backwards out of your seat, and then you were thrust forward really REALLY fast.  The did a loop, and then some fast curves ad then a spiral... yoiks.  I'm defiitely too old... I was left almost woozy.  Not that I was ever afraid, but it left you on edge and wondering how locked in you really were.  We did a long wait for the Fairly Odd Coaster.  That one was a roller coaster where teh seat spins... it was like a tilt-a-whirl + a roller coaster all in one.  The neat thing about this was that there was a mounted camera in the seat... and when you're done, for $10 you could have had a DVD of your trip.  We would have got it, but we figured there was no audio, or at least nothing audible probably... that would have been the funniest part ("this angle feels like it's only 45 degrees", "my back hurts", "this isn't helping my nervous disorder" - again, we're getting old.)

Then Adam decided to go on A ride, and then Dean puked up on me.  I had asked Mandy for a bib, but it was 'already put away'... a few minutes later i really coulda used it.  Ah well... the joys of being a dad.  After that we had pretty much toured all of the mall we were going to, so we did lunch at the Kokomo's Island Cafe. Mandy thought it was going to be loud, but it wasn't - they even had a place to park your stroller.

Lunch eaten, we figured it was time we got the toront-ites onto the plane.  It took some figuring out where exactly we were to drop them off at the airport.  We EVENTUALLY figured it out - and the decided we have to go to our hotel to nap.  This hotel, the Cambria, is apparently new.  Talk about SWANK.  I'll post pictures later.  It was teh kinda place that I walked into, holding a baby, a little spit up still on my shirt, that I felt that I don't belong.  Ah, well.  We setllted in well.  There are 2 flat panel tvs.  We then went to Babies R Us to get some new stuff for Dean.  At Kathy & George's, they had a well for water, and it has higher Iron content.  Which means that eventually the bottles we were making up would have that orange/brown precipitate.  It's totally fine, but just looked odd.  So at the store we bought BABY WATER.  So we refilled his bottles with this... and it's 100x the amount we'll ever need.

We also went to Culvers... new favourite place.  We went looking for Cold Stone Creamery (which we've been meaning to go to since Duluth on the way down).  The GPS (and I'm surprised how easily I'm deferring to it already in a few days) said it was right next to the Baby store, but we couldn't see it.  So we went to Culvers... and they have a system where ... although it's fast food, you can order your meal, and dessert ad get your dessert to come later.  How innovative!

After all that... we brought the upset Dean home (hotel) and fed him and put him to bed... he's up way past his bedtime.  At least he's asleep now... for now.  Hopefully no middle of the night wakings.  We want to do the cemetary tomorrow, Cold Stone Creamery in Duluth, and then Culvers (again) in Two Harbors.  I'm thinking we should be home roughly like 10-11pm.  grrr...

later all...

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