Friday, August 8, 2008

Minni trip errata

okay, so I know I have to work on the blog for the camping trip... I'll get to that.  Just thought I'd quickly do this up before I forgot some things.  I meant to do this before I went away for the canoe trip, but I was busy.

image The first I think is that (and I'm not sure if I've already updated the page), but the restaurant we went to was called CHULA VISTA - not Chesa Vulpa... not sure where that came from.  I know the book I'm reading has a character named Chesa, but vulpa is entirely weirdly 'out there'.

Secondly, while playing at Mandy's grandma's home, there was a lot of excitement, and this excitement was 'almost as good as when the ducks were here'.  That's right, I was compared to DUCKS.  *sigh*  Apparently, somehow a mommy duck found it's way to the grounds and somebody put in a wading pool, with a little plank to walk in.  Eventually there were ducklings and it was talk of the town.  Somehow I come in a close 2nd... C'mon... even Beatrice loved me.  Imagine and older woman, with one of those walkers, step away and try to dance a highland fling.  Not FUNNY, but unexpected haha kinda funny.

While we were on one of our breaks in a way side rest, Mandy found another pamphlet (apparently we like pamphlets) about the shuttle services for the hiking tours down from Grand Portage to like Two Harbors.

Oh, not sure if I had mentioned it earlier, but this trip was our 4th year anniversary present to Mandy.  Yay... 4 years.

Hmm... I had more than this when I thought it up...

Those in attendance at the reunion:

  • Mandy, Me, Dean
  • Kelly, Adam
  • aunt Kathy, cousin Michael
  • aunt Janet, cousin Aaron and his girlfriend Stescha (sp?)
  • grandma Eileen
  • second cousin Linda and her husband Kerry
  • great aunt Betty

While at the the reuinion we picked up WWII food stamps.  We asked Eileen how they worked, but she said she couldn't remember, as her mom did all the shopping, yet we found one with her name on it.

I found out that Adam is very agreeable.

St. Paul used to be called Pig's Eye, and there's also a funny story about how a railway bridge was built and an old guy caused it to swing unevenly.  For those answers you'll have to do the tour on the Mississippi.

Apparently, I missed out on getting the chance to ride the Millenium Falcon... or a sort of simulator.  Probably the coolest thig at the exhibit, and I missed it.  Oh, and the movie on special effects was over 11 years old.  Imax is cool, but they coulda showed something more recent.

Oh, I met a guy in the APPLE store (sorry, I'm weak, I thought I'd check it out).  He saw my PACI shirt, and asked me when I graduated - which I told him, I just worked there, and then he told me how he graduated in 93.  Weird.  I mean it was a small logo, how could he see that it was PACI... and I think it really just said REDMEN... who knows.

can't think of anything else, so I'll leave it here...  time to do the canoe trip coverage

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