Saturday, August 2, 2008

Minni trip

Okay so I forgot a few things.  First off - I missed out on Day 2 entirely... I'll cover it now.  And I mssed on Day 2 - the fact that Mandy and Dean and I went to Denny's for dinner.  Really it's not missing much.  We got there and apparently we had a slow waitress that took forever to seat.  But at least we got seated quick, and I was able to order smothered fries (essentially fries with 2 types of melted cheese, and bacon).  We didn't spend much time in there, but we hoped to go for a swim after, but we were pretty pooped.  So went to bed.


Day 2

We thought we could have made the typical checkout time (11) but as it turns out, it took a long time to get the boy ready.  So we had to get a little extra time.  From there we decided to hike o down to the Kolstead's.  We got there roughly 1230sh, which we figure should have been enough time for Kelly to get picked up and brought from the airport.  But, as it turns out, not quite, so we decided to walk around the park across the street, which involved walkig to the closest shady spot and watching every car turn onto the street.  Eventually they came in.  We got to have a quick visit with Kathy and Adam and Kelly before Kathy decided to go looking for her gas cap.  After a bit, we decided to go visit Mandy's grandma.  That too was a short visit, as we have plans to see her each day for the next 2 days.  We went and did a lap of the 3rd floor of the Mall of America.  When we got back to the Kolstead's it was just time to go and see the STARWARS exhibit at the Science Museum.  That was pretty neat... not sure if it's worth the $30 tho'... I almost picked up a Dean a Hallowe'en outfit (Darth Vader).  But ... meh.  After the exhibit, we got back to find that Mandy and Kelly instead of going to see stuf about Star Wars that they preferrred Target shopping.  pfft.  After it was time for some frozen pizzas, enjoy some of the George's recliners then head to bed.


Day 3

After sleeping in, we enjoyed a nice breakfast in the Kolstead's breakfast room - we decided to head on out.  We decided on going on a paddle boat ride down the Mississippi.  It was't too bad.  The best part, I think, was getting to o to Mickey's Diner which we decided on the spur of the moment.  A piece of Americana I think.  Then we went to a great lunch at Mandy's aunt Kathy's where alot of her relatives came to visit.  A nice time to visit with the relatives and see old pictures.  Dean was very laughy during that event.  Not so laughy on the way home.  But he went straight to bed... so the crazy group went for a crazy night out at Cub's.  We bout groceries.. wooohooo.  Now we're all sitting in the recliners again, debating about going to bed.  Tomorrow is goig to be another full packed day.  Lunch at Grandma's, where I'll put on a small concert and then go to Mall of America where I'll get my Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.  mmmm...


enjoy the pics

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