Monday, August 4, 2008

Minni trip day 4

So.. day 4 is it? (let me count... Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday... yup 4)

For today’s activities, we woke up around 9ish... well Mandy and Dean woke up at 6... ouch. And puttered around long enough to get ourselves motivated to go and visit Mandy’s grandma. We got there a little later than we expected – 1140 or so. We had an excellent brunch of pork ribs and turtle ice cream sundae. Mmmm. After which, I put my little ‘concert’ on in the courtyard. It turned out to be a perfect day to play, as it was overcast and that meant it wasn’t too hot or humid. I intended to play only for about 10-20 minutes, but as people heard they kept wanting to come down and see. Which normally isn’t a problem; however the mean age of the people wanting to see was about 90. So it took them a while to get there. So I ended up playing for approximately 30 minutes or so. I enjoyed it tho. I enjoy playing for people who appreciate it. Even when my reed isn’t quite up to snuff. It’s really going, this has been a busy summer.

After playing, the crowd enjoyed Dean and how he met a new girl – Mackenzie. She was 10 months old, and was keenly interested in Dean (I’ll say ‘dean’ and not just the most likely answer – somebody her own age category). After that there was some discussions with the residents – like how they’re from Hamilton, or where Kelly’s from (this one lady must have informed us she was from Hamilton about a dozen times a minute – each time prefaced by asking Kelly “where you from?”)

At that point it was time to get dean back to the Kolstad’s where we got more bottles for our excursion to the Mall of America (take 2). This was much longer than the previous days’ adventure. But near the end of it, we were all pretty tired and we decided it was time to head home... we got another bottle for dean – just in case – and the tried to find a restaurant. At a certain point, Adam had to have a white castle burger. So, Kelly allowed him to buy one. And if he was buying 1 – I suggested he also buy me one. He came out with 4. SOOOoo greasy.

We stumbled upon a SUPER Target, and thought we better check it out before it closes... which we found out was at 9, so that left only like 20 minutes – not enough time, so we went to Chula Vista, a very nice Mexican restaurant. We have never had faster service! They even apologized it was slow... crazy. Not until part way through our dinners did Mandy start to wonder if by the ‘nobody else is here’ clue if they had closed. Sure enough, they had closed at 9. So we were THOSE PEOPLE.. the kind of people who show up 5 minutes to closure and expect full service. I felt so guilty.

By the end of the meal we were all too tired to care... Adam practically bolted towards George’s comfy chairs. An hour’s worth of vegging time, and putting dean to sleep and here I am on the futon typing this story up. Hopefully the Windows Update will finish soon, so I can upload it. Stupid SSD, takes forever to do any sort of update. Ah well...

I realized earlier that I didn’t take any pictures from the day’s travels – at some point tomorrow I’ll abscond with Kelly’s/Adam’s digital camera and get theirs.

We’ll see how tonight’s rest goes – which should be a good preamble towards what day 5 holds in store.

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