Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slowest week ever

So, here I sit at work, kinda bored.  Really, this has been a slow week.  Of my 7 clients, 3 are on vacation for the full week, 1 is on for half the week, and 1 of them is on a sort of 'hiatus' currently.  So that leaves me currently with 1 in the am, who was at a doctor's appointment, and my pm guy hasn't shown up yet... so... what am I doing?

Not much... yesterday I made a paper rocket (got the idea from Gizmodo - I do alot of browsing of their site when I have little to do).  Took me some time to cut it all out.  The bellows was the hardest.  But I didn't have the right paper, or proper glue to ensure that it was airtight, so I didn't test it.  Crystal's right... glue woulda been much better.  At least I can say I did something useful yesterday.

21-08-08_1316 21-08-08_1317

I also had that interview at Activation Labs.

Map image

That went quite well.   It's pretty near the house, so wouldn't be far for me to go... just there might be a few hangups.  I'll find out soon tho'.  Essentially it'll boil down to a money thing.

We took Dean to the Summer in the Parks.  It was the last one of the summer.  The pipe band played last week and Mandy and Dean and Rain and Anna all came and it really made us want to go this week.  Except after going to the interview, then shopping for a new TV with Greg and then eating dinner, it took us a while to get there.  We watched the last song of the Potvin band, and as the last band was coming on we started to meander some more and make our way to the car.  Thunder Bay is notoriously bad for getting out of events in orderly fashions.  Stopped at Dairy Works on the way home for some icecream.  Not bad... not great tho'.  Not like the ice cream we've been having recently.  Mandy bought some new flavours of Ben & Jerry's (brownie cheesecake, and banana split).  I also bought Cookie Jar ice cream, which I had to hide in our downstairs freezer.

So, all in all... not much has really happened.  This afternoon picked up at work... but more so socially than any work wise.  I'm done all my reports... could do something as an extra project, but I'm done doing those when they're not appreciated.

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