Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anticipation of a storm [20/27]

My standard rule has been... if it rains when I go to bike, I'll drive.  Otherwise, bike.
unless I've got a meeting I HAVE to be at and can't bike to it

That's stuck because I hate getting to work wet... but don't mind coming home wet.

Well, today it was supposed to rain... not just rain, but thunderstorm.  So I looked at outside and it was fine this morning, and the storm was to hit around noon or 2...  so I biked.

I did the right thing, I followed my rule... the only thing was in the back of my head I knew it was going to rain and be terrible ... so I dreaded the homeward journey.

But it never came.

I think that's what made it worse... the anticipation of said storm, but just not coming... I knew it was coming, and almost regretted my choice, feared how bad it was going to be ... but in the end nothing came.


Ah, well... 20/27 = 74.1%... not bad

Tomorrow is the After Business, and then maybe a band meeting after... so I have to drive.  But it gives me a chance to get some stuff done then... if it rains tomorrow, then that ruins the After Business (they want to do some outside stuff)




So, it's almost like what's going on with my dad.  I mean... I didn't mean for that kinda segue... but it works.

My dad had the PICC line put in today, and he was really REALLY fearful about it, despite how everybody says it's better than getting new injections every 2 weeks.  But it also meant the orientation begins and well.. the whole thing begins.

He's going to get chemo...


That's really... really rough to think about to be honest.

My chemistry trained brain is saying "we're better now, we have more knowledge, more targeted attacks" ... but it's cancer... you know... capital C.  This sucks.

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