Sunday, May 13, 2012

having an awesome weekend

yeah, it almost got to 24 yesterday and Dean and I spent a great deal of it outside in the morning.

First time mowing the lawn this year
Weed wacked
Cleaned the lawn up first of all the gravel that had been shoveled onto it over the winter
Cleaned up the garden, hoed/raked it profusely
Watered with some weedstop on the lawn

Then we went over to my parents and helped them move boxes of books as they're getting some renovations done in the house, as well as got their swing out on the patio.  That thing is pretty comfy/soothing.  It was so nice out, you could easily fall asleep in it.  I really hope it does the trick for helping my dad relax over the next 6 months.

After, we had some sushi (always a good thing) and Dean and I went shopping for Mommy's day stuff.

And today is mommy's day.  What will it entail?  Aside from handing out some gifts to mommy and some Black Forest cake... maybe a BBQ at the parents.

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