Monday, May 28, 2012

Kiting ...and a flood runs through it [22/35]

So after a long week of rain, meaning that 2 of Dean's teeball games were cancelled, and me not being able to bike at all ... thus ruining my percentage, we got to end it on a bit of a high'er' note.

Spent part of Sunday out at Chippewa for the kite festival.  Was good fun, despite being damp and cool.

lightning mc'dean

All this rain led to ... more rain!

I heard this morning that Oli-'poonge was in a state of emergency:

okay, in other worlds...

Dad's going to keep with the chemo.  He had issues with the anti-nauseant causing him to have had hiccups for almost a full week.  He got so frustrated that he was telling the doctors he wanted to stop, but at least he's going to continue now.  *phew*

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