Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Long Weekend "Stay-cation" [22/30]

Had a great after business and then a hectic scrambling for our newsletter... Which made me forget that I had a lunch meeting when I biked, so I had a good lunch biking excursion.

Ended the week subbing at Hammarskjold... not sure if I should count that against my score or not... ah, well, left it in.

So all that much in a week meant I really was looking forward to the stay-cation this weekend, we were staying at the Victoria Inn (fitting no?) with Karen and Justin (and their kids).

A good time was had... Dean even got to share his new love of Peter Pan with Alexis (after having to get the front desk guy take forever to install the replacement as the one we had wouldn't work).

photo is us hanging out by the poolside eating some Eat Local pizza (with brownies) ... Hope times

So dad is done the first bout of chemo...
... And he's got a weird side effect: hiccups.
(do you spell it that way or is it hiccough?)
It's be funny but it's been 3 days now and is in the hospital and they can't figure it out... He can't sleep and it's hard to keep food down.

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