Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facebook woes [22/32]

Ugh, I've just about had it with Facebook.

Ironic as today was a day that I helped out on a workshop on how to do it for business.

Saw a plethora of businesses today (not at the workshop though) who masquerade as a profile, add it just irked me.

Then the app is just annoying me... A lot! It's not my phone...
Speaking of my phone, I finally couldn't take it anymore and wanted on the phone about how terrible the reception had been lately.  Of course they kept saying they're working on it, but that's about it ... Well I did get a 25% off until they are supposed to be done, which is October.

That's right, they said to essentially grin and beer it until October.  Horrific.  It's been two years and they still haven't done one ounce if improvement... If anything they've gone backward.

So, yeah, Facebook sucks... My cell provider sucks...
And I haven't been able to bike this week yet (will probably not be able to bike tomorrow, and can't on Friday, so the whole week is a write off).



To top off this terrible day my mom called me this morning.  My dad has had terrible hiccups as a side effect from the chemo.  Like hiccupping since Friday.
Today he was so frustrated with the scenario (he said he hadn't seen a doctor in a full 24 hours) that he was ready to stop chemo....
I don't know how I'll be able to handle that.  This has been heard enough, but what was getting me through it was that he was being looked at and treated by the best...

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